Improve Your Performance with FootBalance

Many sports and activities demand repetitive footwork or sudden, explosive movements, straining the feet and ankles. Over time these demands can lead to a variety of injuries. Most often common sports related foot injuries in the ligaments or bones are related to overuse or structural misalignment in the feet or ankles, or both. You can help prevent such injuries by avoiding overtraining and improving foot alignment and biomechanical efficiency. Footbalance custom insoles support your feet properly in a neutral position while delivering dynamic flex for healthy arches. This dynamic support underfoot facilitates efficient foot function: improving energy transfer and reducing wasted motion. The resulting biomechanical efficiency can help you prevent injuries and improve performance in a range of activities from the most active sports to standing work. Click on a sport on the left to learn more.

In running getting and maintaining an efficient gait has a substantial impact on your health, performance and long-term enjoyment of the sport. Footbalance custom insoles support your feet properly to help you improve biomechanical efficiency for better endurance, shock absorption and injury prevention.