Shin Splints

Pain can be caused by problems related to incorrect alignment as well as poorly fitting insoles and shoes which in turn can place your feet in unhealthy positions, impairing foot function, mobility and further negatively affecting overall body alignment.

FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles are individually custom moulded to each foot offering dynamic support to your feet without unhealthy excess rigidity, providing improved comfort and pain relief.

Shin splints

Shin splints refer to pain and tenderness along or behind the shinbone (tibia) felt along the inside or outside of the shin. The pain usually develops after physical activity. Repetitive stress to the area can lead to inflammation of the muscles, tissue, and periosteum of the tibia, causing pain.

Shin splints can be caused by many factors, including overpronation, flat feet or excessively rigid arches, running or jogging, sudden increases in training volume, high-impact weight-bearing activities, overtraining, and/or improper footwear.

Make sure you have the right support underfoot and select the right footwear for your foot type.

FootBalance Custom Insoles support your feet properly in a healthy, neutral position to facilitate healthy foot function and improve overall alignment.

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